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Zara Karim

Computer Science

General Scholarship


Raised with humble beginnings and inspired by her parents' sacrifices, Zara Karim has embraced the transformative power of education with a focus on computer science. Discovering her passion for programming in high school, she saw it as a way to combine her drive to help others with an exciting, emerging field. Her freshman year's impressive 3.9 GPA attests to her dedication and strong work ethic. Eager to challenge herself further, Zara aims to pursue an accelerated 5-year master's program in computer science. Yet, financial obstacles, including her father's medical bills for his heart condition, her younger sister's upcoming college enrollment, and supporting family overseas, threaten to impede her educational journey. Receiving the scholarship would not only relieve her family's financial strain but also empower Zara as a woman of color in STEM. She is determined to create a positive impact and inspire future generations. The award would enable her to continue leveraging technology for social good and pave the way for others, fulfilling both personal and philanthropic ambitions.

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