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Sumita Chopra

Special Education K-12

General Scholarship


Sumita Chopra is a single parent of two children, who bravely left a situation of domestic violence to carve out a pathway to education and prosperity in the United States. Currently working full-time as a cross-categorical paraprofessional at Loudoun County Public Schools, she supports students with mild to moderate disabilities. Simultaneously, she is pursuing an M.Ed. in Special Education K-12 from George Mason University. As a foreign immigrant and the first in her family to seek higher education in the United States, Sumita faces significant challenges. Yet, she is driven by a passion for teaching that goes beyond academics, aiming to imbue the next generation with values that contribute to a prosperous society. The Women’s Club of Great Falls Scholarship Fund has been vital in alleviating her financial stress over tuition, allowing her to focus on her studies and continue to chase her "American Dream." The investment in her future is a generous and impactful gift that she will always treasure.

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