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May Tone Chien


Advance Scholarship

Aspiring Psychologist and Advocate for Wholeness

May Tone Chien is a young, ambitious student who has recently immigrated from Taiwan to the U.S., with a focus on psychology as her chosen field of study. Motivated by her family's desire to escape air pollution and Confucian ideology, she is grateful for the opportunity to grow without the constraints that Confucian values can impose. May's passion for assisting others and her personal mission to inspire those around her to embrace themselves have shaped her academic and career path. While pursuing her bachelor's degree in the U.S., May has demonstrated exceptional academic prowess, consistently making the dean's list at Nova. Her achievements are not limited to academics; she has also explored the professional office environment through a Nova Corps internship. This blend of rigorous studies and real-world experience has provided May with a comprehensive understanding of the professional landscape, equipping her with valuable insights to navigate her future career. With a bright future ahead, May aspires to become a psychologist or counselor, determined to support individuals through challenging phases of life. Supported by the Women's Club of Great Falls and fueled by her desire to make a positive impact, she stands as a symbol of resilience, inspiration, and commitment to a future where she can guide others toward healing and self-discovery. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of education, ambition, and the pursuit of a life defined by personal integrity and compassion.

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