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Kunal Regmi


General Scholarship

Resilient Financial Scholar with a Vision for Impact

Kunal Regmi, originally from Nepal, exemplifies academic excellence and profound determination. With a bachelor's degree in Business Administration specializing in Business Finance from Tribhuvan University, he achieved the status of College Topper and earned a full-ride scholarship. His leadership qualities have been honed through community service as a Red Cross Society Advisory Board Committee member. Facing the challenges of being a first-generation immigrant and enduring the tragic loss of his parents to COVID-19, Kunal's belief in education, instilled by his parents, fuels his ambition. Now embarking on a master's degree in finance at George Mason University, he recognizes the Women's Club of Great Falls Scholarship as a crucial support system. This scholarship not only helps ease his financial burdens but also acknowledges his unwavering commitment to his studies and family responsibilities. Kunal's story is one of resilience, academic distinction, and a relentless pursuit of making a meaningful impact in the finance sector. George Mason University serves as the stage for his next chapter, where he intends to leave a lasting impression on the world of finance. His journey is a testament to the power of education, perseverance, and the human spirit's ability to overcome even the most formidable obstacles.

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