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Gisela Reyes

Business+J11:P15 Analytics

General Scholarship

A Determined Business Student with a Passion for Learning, Creativity, and Sustainability

Gisela Reyes, a native of Alexandria, VA, graduated from high school in 2017 and recently earned an associate degree in business administration at NOVA. Now, she is transferring to George Mason University (GMU) to major in business analytics, with plans to minor in entrepreneurship and management information systems. Gisela's educational journey is driven by a strong passion for learning both inside and outside the classroom. As a first-generation college student, she values her enriching college experience, including learning from talented professors and forging valuable relationships. Facing the significant challenge of working full-time while attending college, Gisela has shown resilience and adaptability. She has balanced demanding 8-9 hour work shifts with her studies, learning through trial and error how to maintain her GPA, which culminated in a commendable 3.56 at NOVA. The loss of her father two years ago further complicated her situation, as she has always worked from an early age due to financial constraints. Yet, her father's teachings continue to guide her, instilling good habits and morals. Receiving this scholarship will have a tremendous impact on Gisela's ability to continue excelling in her courses while working full-time. Her ambition and dedication to her goals reflect her potential to thrive in her chosen fields of business analytics, entrepreneurship, and management information systems. The scholarship will not only alleviate financial stress but also empower Gisela to fully pursue her aspirations, cementing her path toward a successful and fulfilling career. 

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