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Fatmata Bah


General Scholarship

A Resilient Neuroscience Student with Aspirations in Psychiatry

Fatmata Bah's journey to George Mason University's Neuroscience program has been marked by both ambition and resilience. Though initially unsure of her career path, she has always aimed for higher education. Her determination was solidified in seventh grade when she joined the Early Identification Program, which supports first-generation students like her in college readiness. Fatmata's passion for science was ignited after a challenging experience in AP Chemistry, which she not only retook but also supplemented with AP Physics. This academic turnaround led to her success as a learning assistant for General Chemistry. Now majoring in Neuroscience, she is drawn to the interdisciplinary blend of chemistry, physics, biology, and neuroscience, and aspires to become a psychiatrist—a perfect fusion of her interests in psychology and science. Financial support is vital to Fatmata's ongoing academic success and pursuit of medical school. Being a neuroscience major entails demanding classes and extensive lab hours, limiting her ability to work many job shifts while excelling in her courses. She longs to engage more deeply in student life, including volunteering and clubs, but time constraints hinder her involvement. Fatmata's dedication to her dream, despite doubts and statistical challenges, drives her forward. This scholarship would significantly ease her financial burdens, allowing her more time to focus on her studies and contribute to her community. Grateful for the opportunity to follow her passion and make a meaningful impact in mental health, Fatmata's story reflects an inspiring commitment to overcoming obstacles and embracing a fulfilling career. 

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