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Connie Lam

Mechanical Engineering

General Scholarship

A Community-Oriented Engineering Student

Connie Lam, a sophomore at George Mason University, is studying mechanical engineering with a minor in electrical engineering, displaying a keen interest in STEM. More than just an academically driven student, Connie integrates herself actively within her community, aiming to create a tangible impact. As the PR chair for the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, she leverages her graphic design skills to create awareness among students about career opportunities. As one of the philanthropy chairs for the Filipino Cultural Association, she passionately fundraises to support both her organization and others within the Asian community, always working towards helping those in need. Connie's receipt of this scholarship has intensified her gratitude and determination to continue pursuing her educational goals. Her vision to design or create products for sustainable community benefit guides her learning path, as she anticipates engaging with higher-level engineering classes. Driven by the desire to aid her community, support her family, and achieve personal success, Connie's journey reflects a strong commitment to blending technical expertise with a compassionate, community-focused approach. Her story is a testament to the power of education when aligned with purpose and altruism.

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