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Cinthia Hernandez

Business Analytics

General Scholarship

Passionate Learner and Trailblazer in Education

Cinthia Hernandez, a graduate in Psychology from George Mason University, has taken an inspiring shift in her career path to pursue her Master's degree in Business Analytics at the same institution. Passionate about her new direction, Cinthia embodies the drive and commitment of being the first in her family to attain higher education. Her journey is marked by an unyielding desire to learn and excel, not only for personal growth but as a tribute to her family's aspirations. Receiving the scholarship award amplifies Cinthia's joy and gratitude, providing significant support in continuing her education. Her parents' migration to the United States for a better life laid the foundation for her opportunities, and she eagerly embraced the chance to make them proud through her success and accomplishments. Cinthia's story is one of resilience, transformation, and a celebration of the power of education to shape a promising future.

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