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Ashley Suyo

Advanced Biomedical Sciences

General Scholarship

An Aspiring Physician with a Heart for Underserved Communities

Ashley Suyo is a first-generation Peruvian student who graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from the College of William and Mary. Her childhood experiences in hospitals, witnessing doctors working tirelessly to resuscitate her mother, ignited her dream of becoming a physician. Recently, Ashley was accepted into the George Squared Advanced Biomedical Sciences Program, a significant step towards her goal of attending medical school. Her acceptance into this advanced program showcases her dedication to expanding her knowledge and preparing for a medical career. The core of Ashley's aspiration to become a physician lies in her firsthand exposure to health disparities and the language barriers her family faced. Acting as a translator for both her family and doctors, she realized the importance of effective communication in healthcare. Her longing to break language barriers and provide help to underserved communities drives her passion for medicine. Ashley is committed to working hard to minimize health disparities within the community, and this scholarship represents meaningful support in her journey toward becoming a compassionate and understanding physician who emphasizes equitable healthcare.

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