Our Directors


Christie Lavin


Christie is deeply inspired by the backgrounds of our students and the obstacles that each of them had to overcome to achieve their academic goals.  She feels tremendously privileged and honored to be part of these students' lives and academic pursuits.


Christie has many years of volunteer and non-profit experience, serving in school and church communities.  She is a former Board President for Visual Aid in San Francisco.  She has a Master's Degree from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and worked in the San Francisco art world before relocating to the East Coast.  Christie enjoys restoring and painting vintage furniture while staying home with her three children.


Sally Anne Andrew Pyne


Sally Anne has been a member of the Women's Club of Great Falls for over 12 years and has held several Board and Chairperson positions during this time. Several years ago, she served as the Fundraising Executive for the Scholarship Fund which was immensely successful in reaching their fundraising goals, thus providing the Board the opportunity to increase the amount of  scholarships given to students to fulfill their dreams.   


She is passionate about the mission and strategic plan for the Scholarship Fund and has returned to the Board for a two year tenure, where she believes she can make a specific, intentional and significant impact along with her fellow Board members.


Emma Reynolds

Director of PR

Emma joined The Women's Club in 2019 and enjoys being a member of the Scholarship Fund board and helping to make a difference to the lives of others.


With a background in IT, Emma spends her time running a small technology firm, specializing in Web design, Support and Training, Emma feels very lucky to have had the opportunity to have lived in both the UK and Japan as well as the US and has been a member of many non profit boards, assisting mainly with Social Media, Publicity, Fundraising and Events. 


Bringing women together and women supporting women is a huge passion. After moving to the US she founded the International Women’s Club of Western New York, bringing together women of more than 30 nationalities living in the Buffalo area. Providing a network for those women, fundraising for local charities and providing personal links for employment and local women owned businesses.


Lisette Kvortek

Director of Scholarships

Lisette joined The Women's Club last year after moving to Great Falls from the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC. 


Lisette was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from St. Francis College. She has spent the past 18 years working for the federal government and looks forward to applying her professional expertise and background to ensure the effective awarding of scholarships to local George Mason University students.


Lisette is a strong advocate for higher education and understands the critical importance that scholarships provide in advancing student career goals and development. 


She lives in Great Falls with her husband and two children and hopes that both of her children will one day benefit from scholarships to pursue their dreams.


Jackie Hughes

Director of Fundraising

Jackie joined The Women's Club in 2020 and is excited to be a part of the Scholarship Fund. She has a passion for education and looks forward to supporting students pursuing their educational goals. 


Jackie has over 16 years experience in the Government Contracting industry.  In her current role she enjoys working across the company to drive effective change and improve business processes that assist with the successful implementation of the corporate strategy and vision.


Jackie completed her undergraduate degree in finance and obtained a Master’s at George Washington University, where she currently sits on an advisory board for one of the Executive Programs.  She lives in Great Falls with her husband and children. 


Jenny Stephens


Jenny is a working mom and 14-year resident of Great Falls. She has a passion for helping others through education and mentoring, and strongly believes the Scholarship Fund helps fill an unmet need in the community for women looking to take that big step to go back to school and improve their lives.

With a background in clinical pharmacy, Jenny followed a non-traditional career path in health economics and outcomes research, eventually starting a consulting business with colleagues. She loves getting involved to provide opportunities to students interested in taking a non-traditional route to their career. At home she enjoys a busy life with her husband, two kids, and many pets.


Garvey, Jayana headshot.jpg

Jayana Garvey


Jayana joined The Women's Club in 2020 and is thrilled to be a part of the Scholarship Fund. She spent the first part of her career leading entry-level leadership development programs that impacted countless women entering the workforce after college. With a passion for how organizations can grow and thrive with the right talent, Jayana knows that first comes with opportunity. She is passionate about supporting other women in their educational journeys to help prepare them for whatever path they choose to take in life. 


Jayana currently works in the travel & hospitality industry as an HR talent strategy and development leader. In her role she partners with business and HR leaders to translate priorities into global talent development solutions that fuel both business performance and talent growth. Areas within her purview include revenue management, sales, distribution, customer engagement centers, and technology globally.

Jayana earned an undergraduate degree in finance from Penn State University as well as an MBA from Georgetown University. She lives in Great Falls with her husband and two young children.


"Our mission is to provide scholarships to local students attending George Mason University."
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